1) Privacy Policy:

As a rule, Nishiyamato Academy of California will disclose no information about you or your child without your written consent. As a process of applying to Nishiyamato Academy, you will be asked to provide your personal information. This information will be secured by our faculties and will never be shared to other organizations, advertisers or other third parties without your explicit permission. Should there be any emergency, your information will be accessed by our faculty strictly to contact you to inform you of the event.

2) Qualification:

To be accepted into Nishiyamato Academy, your child must be able to:

  1. Understand appropriate level of Japanese corresponding to his/her class.
  2. Cooperate with others when there are group activities.
  3. Be respectful to other students and faculties.

As a guardian of future Nishiyamato student, you must know a person who:

  1. Can read Japanese fluently (Main source of communication between household and school will come from newsletter written in Japanese)
  2. Communicate in Japanese to your child.
  3. Help your child’s homework in Japanese.

3) Admission selection methods:

  1. Your child will only be assessed on performance of the entrance exam and interview.
  2. Nishiyamato Academy will not accept any negotiation upon your child’s test score.
  3. Nishiyamato Academy believes in multiculturalism and fairness. Therefore, one ethnicity, religion, appearance or any other factor will not be favored over the other.
  4. If for any reason your child did not meet the qualification to enter Nishiyamato Academy due to performance during entrance examination or interview, the reasons will not be because of gender, race, belief, religion, social status, nationality, disability, or any other factor.
  5. Nishiyamato Academy may invite you to an interviewing process for additional information.
  6. Your child may be enrolled to Nishiyamato Academy upon completion of entrance examination, interview, and attendance of orientation. Once these processes are completed, enrollment of your child will be accepted.
  7. If maximum capacity exceeded in the class your child wishes to enroll, he/she will be placed on a waiting list and be contacted once there is availability.